Under the Michigan Worker’s Compensation Act, Employers are strictly liable to an employee who sustains injury “in the course of their employment,” without regard to negligence or fault.   Normally, the workers' compensation claim is the exclusive remedy, barring the employee from suing the employer directly for negligence unless the employer has engaged in intentional misconduct.

Our Firm also handles employer discrimination claims, both for the employer and employee, that are based on race, color, age, religion, weight, marital status, height, or natural origin.  Federal and State statutes have been enacted to implement and give full force to the basic personal rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

Unfair or discriminating employment practices against employees can occur in a variety of ways, including but not limited to: not being hired, not being promoted, denied equal pay for equal work, harassed on the job, subjected to inappropriate jokes or inappropriate touching, discharges, not paid wages or overtime, denied of leave, and denied the opportunity to work in an environment free of harassment and retaliation.

In addition to the above, our firm also handles claims based on the Family and Medical Leave Act, ERISA, Wrongful Discharge, Americans with Disability Act, Bullard-Plawecki Employee Right to Know Act, and the Whistleblowers’ Protection Act.


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