The United States Constitution unequivocally protects individuals when a governmental official and/or employee acts with deliberate indifference to a person's health, safety and welfare, which is the cause of an injury or death.  Federal law provides for a method to seek monetary and equitable retribution when an individual’s constitutional and civil rights have been violated, under 42 USC Section 1983.  Claims that can fall under this statute are malicious prosecution, continued detention without probable cause, wrongful conviction, false imprisonment, false arrest, excessive force, police brutality, deliberate indifference to one’s medical needs.

Common Law state causes of action, similar to the ones mentioned above, are often filed together with the federal statutory causes of action.

No one should ever be mistreated by a police officer, wrongly charged with a crime, and/or wrongfully prosecuted for a crime they did not commit. 

Our Firm has represented individuals who have been injured, intimidated, exonerated and seen their rights violated.


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